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My Story

It is somewhat ironic that I'm launching this website just as we are entering another lockdown. Those of you who have followed me on Instagram and Facebook since the start will know that the entire history of Reigate Prints is based on the unfortunate events of 2020. However, if it hadn't been for the pandemic and the fact that my husband has not been back at work since January 26th 2020, maybe Reigate Prints would have never seen the daylight, maybe I would have never learnt anything about graphic design and maybe I would have never met a great deal of amazing people who own small businesses in Reigate, Surrey, England and beyond.


I'm Alex, a mum of three (6, 4 and 1). On June 12th I woke up with an idea of trying to make and sell prints for Father's Day. Our family had been suddenly hit by the economic situation of 2020 and I had been wondering what I could possibly do to contribute to the family budget. I pulled all my know-hows together, bought frames and created a few designs. By June 13th, I had a logo, an Instagram account and six personalised prints. Next day, I set up a Facebook page and posted on Parents Facebook pages asking if anyone was looking for a last minute Father's Day gift.

And here we are. Will I succeed, will I be able to take Reigate Prints to the next level? Even if I never sell another print, I have proved to myself that nothing is impossible and sometimes you just have to have a go at things, put in the hard work and you might surprise yourself with what you are actually able to do.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me from the start, who has listened to my ideas and looked at my first designs. Thank you to everyone who has given me constructive advice, professional blessing and acknowledged my attempts to build my small business. Thank you to my fantastic customers who have bought my prints, shared them with friends and left lovely reviews. And last but no least, a massive thank you to my husband who has helped me with children and housework and tolerated my absent mindedness and grumpiness caused by 5am wake ups in order to finish and publish this website by November 1st, 8.30pm. Love You and I couldn't have done it without You!!

Will all my love and gratitude,

Let's get through this next Lockdown together,


Reigate, November 1st 2020

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